Letsee Browser

Experience augmented
through the web.

Letsee Browser is an AR web browser
creating using Letsee’s unique technology.

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High Productivity,
Unlimited Contents

Because it only uses web languages such as
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, development
costs compared to other AR platforms is
remarkably low and you can use unlimited
amount of web contents and get dynamic updates.

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App Platform

Using various web contents such as
videos, animation, 3D, you can easily
develop a new AR app.

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The beginning of
Search Portals

Just by scanning it, the AR web app search begins.

Various AR web apps
are continuously being added.

Meet various AR web apps such as
Review and Sticker through the Letsee Browser.
You can post your own AR web app as well.

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The amazing things
you can do with Letsee