What is Letsee?

Not sure about a product? Find out what others are saying about it on Letsee. Letsee uses augmented reality to give you instant access to product reviews on your smart phone. Just point your smartphone’s camera at the product label; reviews and ratings from other users instantly appear. With Letsee, there’s no need to waste time searching for the product name or scanning barcodes.

How do I use Letsee?

Sharing your product reviews with others is fast and easy.

Start the Letsee app and point your smartphone at the product label.
Instantly access product reviews and ratings from the web.
You can also easily add your reviews about the product.
If you like the product, you can purchase it right away on Letsee!
Save products in your ‘Cabinet’ to follow and learn more about the product.
Cannot find the product? Don’t you worry! You can add the product yourself and start the review.

Letsee App is now available to download for iOS and Android.