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The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci 1452∼1519

Introduction to WebAR SDK™

Letsee WebAR SDK™ ensures compatibility with standard web technologies and infinite expansion of AR content

One source code works on every mobile device
Supports various templates & extended components

Quickly maintenance on site
Easily developed with HTML language
Able to combine with standard web-based extensions

AR development is now getting easier

AR development becomes easier even if you are novice or without an expert

All content can be created in the AR environment

Supports various web communication forms such as 3D drawing, hashtag, 3D emoticon, hyperlink, video or photo and so on

Supports for various media types

Various media such as text, image, audio, video, and 3D object can be utilized.

Real-time interaction

Brings a new way to users to communicate to each others by real-time interaction.

Search & Advertisement

Increase product eye-catching and maximize purchase potential.



AR Docent


Recognizes all the things through your camera, allows you to create immersive content in your own way.

IoT Device Control

#MarkerTracker #smart_home

Take advantage of web-based AR to control devices in a unique way.

AR Manual Demo

#MarkerTracker #Device_Guide

AR manual makes things become easier to explain how to use a device that is difficult to understand.

AR Sticker Demo

#ImageTracker #SNS_Share

AR stickers can be created in many different ways. Users feel free to decorate TEXT, IMAGE, MOVIE,…in their own ways.


Letsee member

“We build the world where information is present with people and things.”

SangChul Ahn, CEO
Letsee member

“New perspective on the world. Outstanding Alternatives for Brand Positioning.”

LEE JAEHO, Product Manager
Letsee member

“Everything you imagine is augmented”

JunTai Kang, AR Engineer
Letsee member

“Fast and practical web information delivery through augmented reality.”

JungHyun Park, Business Manager
Letsee member

“Get a different view point.
That is the value of letsee.”

HyunJung Park, Management Planner
Letsee member

“AR will transform the way you work, play and connect. AR is going to change the way we use technology totally.”

Quan Le, UI Engineer
Letsee member

“Believe that can change the world.
Letsee will help us to make things come true.”

Jungwoo Lee, Web Frontend Engineer

That is why Letsee exists.

The emergence of a breakthrough product which could enable an easy development of AR environment even without proficiency in the AR development environment. Connection with the unlimited scalability of the web with a browser alone without installing an app. Infinite expansion of the AR ecosystem. We are convinced that in the opening of the new world, Letsee will leave an indelible impression. We also promise you that we will do our utmost to ensure that there will be no regrets in making selection.

Company Profile

Letsee History


Jul.    Established Corporation (founding company of KIST Official Researcher)

Dec.    Venture Business Certification

Dec.    Established R&D Center


Jul.    Developed Augmented Reality Game Live Broadcasting System (Cheil Project)

Oct.    Became a member of W3C (International Web Standards Association)

Nov.    Letsee Beer App V1.0 released


Jun.    Letsee Beer V2.0 released

Apr.    W3C WebVR Workshop Topic Presentation

Dec.    Samsung Electronics Augmented Reality Remote Collaboration Solutions


Jan.    Letsee Browser released

Aug.    Selected as ‘Mobile of August’ in Korea Mobile Awards 2017

Dec.    Samsung Electronics Augmented Reality Remote Collaboration CMS Solutions


Feb.    Hana Bank Augmented Reality Marketing Solutions

Oct.    Selected as Samsung C-Lab


Apr.    Letsee WebAR SDK v1.0 Beta released

May.    AWE2019 Letsee Web AR Technology Demonstration

Aug.    Participated in Samsung Electronics Mobile Start-up Fair

Sep.    Participated in Germany IFA Exhibition

Sep.    Letsee WebAR SDK Trial Version release

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Letsee, Inc.

Letsee Inc., 8F, 15 Teheran-ro 82-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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